If a child gets electrocuted, know what to do immediately, which will help in recovery.

First Aid For Electric Shock in Children : Children are naturally extremely curious and keep trying to touch and touch the surrounding objects. Even inside the house, they try to repeatedly touch the furniture, switches and sockets on the walls, wiring etc. In such situations, many times they get a strong electric shock. Many times parents do not understand what to do. They become panic, in such a situation, if the children get an electric shock, then what should be done immediately. Let us know the easy solutions so that the life of the child can be saved and he gets minimal harm.

turn off the power supply
In case of electric shock, the first and most important step is to immediately switch off the power supply. If possible, turn off the main switch from the meter board. Shutting off the electricity will reduce the danger to other people and they too will not become victims of electric shock.

remove from insulated object
Separate the child from objects that come in contact with current. Do this with the help of any insulated object like rubber shoe, plastic rod, dry wood. If these are not available at home then you can also do this with cloth, towel etc. Protect yourself from coming in contact with the current. Do not remove the victim with your hands directly, this may shock you too.

keep baby warm
Keep the baby warm and comfortable. Because due to current there is loss of energy due to shock in the body. This reduces body heat. Due to current, the body temperature falls, hence it is important to bring the body to a stable temperature by keeping the child warm. Wrap the child with warm clothes. You can also provide warmth to the child by taking him in your lap or by keeping him in contact with the body.

wash with clean water
Do not apply any medicine or bundle on the child’s body, wash only with clean water. It is very important to provide immediate medical care to the child, so you can take him to the doctor immediately.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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