Hydra facial can give you a glow like a Bollywood actress… know everything about it

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Hydra Facial: Often you must have seen that actresses who have crossed the age of 40 also look very young and glowing. Seeing whom the question often arises in the mind that how the actresses look so glowing and young even at this age. Today we are telling you her beauty secret. Actually, to look beautiful, Bollywood actresses resort to a special kind of facials. Its name is Hydra Facial. Let us know everything about it.

What is hydra facial?

Hydra facial works to hydrate the skin. It has been designed keeping in mind the skin problem. This makes the skin look young. This is the reason why this facial is very much in trend these days. Due to this, the dirt of the face gets cleaned easily. In this facial, the dead cells of the face are removed with the help of a beauty device. Antioxidant serum is inserted inside the skin, due to which the face gets moisture. It cleanses the skin from inside and provides moisture. Hydra facial removes the problem of acne, aging signs and spots. It takes 30 minutes to do this facial. By the way, this facial treatment can be done at any age. But experts believe that it should be done only after the age of 25.

How is facial done

  • The first step of this facial is to clean the face. Dust, pollution, cream powder are easily removed by cleansing the face.
  • After cleaning the face, peel is applied on it. Due to which the face is deep clean. Explain that glycolic and salicylic acid peels are applied on the face, due to which acne and scars go away.
  • In the third step, facial is done by cleaning the face through vacuum extraction with the help of a machine.
  • In the last step, antioxidants and other acids are delivered inside the skin in the form of serum so that it moisturizes the skin. This brings flexibility and moisture to the skin.

Benefits of hydra facial

  • You can get instant glow with hydra facial. You can also apply cosmetic after treatment.
  • With Hydra facials, moisture reaches the skin inside and glow is visible on the skin.
  • Dead skin cells present in the skin are easily removed and there is no problem of acne.
  • It also helps in reducing the science of aging
  • By doing this, the college in production of the skin increases.
  • New skin cells are produced.
  • This facial improves your skin texture.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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