How does blood cancer happen? How to identify its initial signs

In the month of September, awareness about blood cancer is spread all over the world. Today we will try to understand this disease, why on hearing the name of blood cancer, first words like death come to mind. Today we will talk about whether this disease can be avoided with proper treatment.

What is blood cancer? Can its symptoms be recognized?

how is blood cancer

At the very beginning of blood cancer, mutations start taking place inside the tissues or DNA of the body. That is, cells start increasing continuously inside it. This cancer occurs in blood or bone marrow. After this, it slowly starts spreading in the blood. Because of which white blood cells start getting damaged. Due to which the blood circulation starts working in a strange way. Which cannot be controlled in any way. Is this due to cancer, no clear reason has been found yet.



family history

chemical hazards such as any radiation

There are three types of blood cancer?

There are three types of blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. There are also two types of leukemia. In one of which blood cancer spreads very fast. It spreads slowly to others. Then comes lymphoma, in which cancer starts forming like a lump. This is called multiple myeloma. This is Bonamarrow’s disease. Blood cancer is a disease in itself.

Some symptoms of blood cancer are like this

Immunity gets wick. Due to which infection starts happening again and again.

The patient starts getting more tired. Apart from this, dizziness, weakness and constant heaviness in the body

Scaze or bleeding starts on the skin after itching with light hands. Having blue spots on the skin is an early symptom of blood cancer.

Sudden weight loss, severe chills, night sweats, frequent bone pain, severe itching on the skin, loss of appetite, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, difficulty in defecating, Severe abdominal pain, mouth sores, red spots on the skin, cough or vomiting.

Know what health experts say

According to health experts, if you are falling ill again and again, then you need to be careful. Because it is possible that these can be symptoms of blood cancer. Because white blood cells start decreasing in cancer, due to which the risk of frequent infections increases. Therefore, pay special attention to its initial symptoms. For example, frequent fever, bone pain, bleeding from stool, excessive bleeding during periods and lymph or nodes in the neck or arms can be the initial symptoms of your disease.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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