How beneficial is sago for you? To whom can it be dangerous?

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Most people eat sago during fasting. Sago is very popular in Indian homes anyway. Apart from sago kheer, people also like to eat other dishes made from it with great enthusiasm. By eating this, the body gets vitamins and minerals as well as carbs.

Many types of nutrients are found in sago, due to which people consider it beneficial for health. But have you ever noticed whether sago is really beneficial for our health or not? But recently writer Krish Ashok has shared a video related to it on Instagram. They believe that sago is not healthy in terms of health. Let us know how it is harmful for our health?

How harmful is sago?

According to Krish Ashok, the amount of ultra-processed starch in sago is high. If you are fasting, then eating carbohydrates can increase your blood sugar. Secondly, the thing is that Sabudana is not traditional. Sabudana came to India in the 1940s and 50s. Actually, it basically belongs to East or South East Asia.

why not eat sago

According to health experts, sago is only a form of refined starch. Due to refinement, it is quickly absorbed in the blood, due to which there is a risk of increasing blood sugar. Please tell that it is considered a high glycemic food. Heart patients, diabetes patients and people with high BP should not eat such foods.

If you do not have any kind of metabolic disease or diabetes problem, then you can eat it occasionally as a balanced diet. It does not contain fiber and plant anti-nutrients, due to which it is beneficial for gut health. Please tell that there is a lack of nutrients in sago. That’s why sago should be eaten along with a balanced diet.

(The information given in this article is based on general beliefs. TV9 Hindi does not confirm it. Follow it only after consulting an expert.)

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