Hindu Baby Girl names start with D: Choose from these names like Ditya, Divisha or Diksha

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Ditya, Divisha and Diksha, choose a unique name for your girl from these namesImage credit source: Freepik

Every parent wishes that their child’s name should be unique. The name of Laadle or Ladli should be different as well as it is necessary to be related to the culture. Even though the name gives recognition, but in today’s time, the way of keeping it has changed a lot. There was a time when the grandmother used to name the child and the whole family used to call the child by that name. But today’s parents consider naming as a big thing.

In Hinduism, the name of the child is kept keeping in mind the first letter. In this, many things like Sanskrit, different meaning, being connected with God are taken care of. Is your darling’s name derived from D ie. In this article, we are going to tell you some unique and attractive names that will make your heart happy on hearing them. Learn the best Hindu baby girl names starting with D…

Hindu baby girl names starting with D

1. Devika- The meaning of this name is associated with the Ganges of the Himalayas.

2. Diya- Devi, a name that means addressing a goddess

3. Diya – symbol of light, shining

4. Divyanshi – Divine Power

5. Ditya – Mother Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth Mother Lakshmi

6. Divisha – A name associated with Maa Durga

7. Deeksha- Sacrifice, charity,

8. Dishita – A name denoting focus.

9. Dwiti – Dual or second, bright

10. Vision

11. Dikshita – The Right Path

12. Divyasari – Heavenly or Goddess

13. Divyashi – Divine Blessing

14. Divyansha – Divine

15. Divyanka – Divine

16. Deepal – Light, light, attraction

17. Dinika – Representing the rising sun

18. Dipti – Name denoting beauty, light, flame or shine

19. Deepshikha – Light or lamp

20. Darshi – Shri Krishna, Blessing, Moonlight of the night

21. Dhruvika – Name indicating strength, strong, strength

22. Dhriti – Proposal

23. Dhrishtika – Sight

24. Dhanashree – Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi

25. Dhanusha – real or different, bow

26. Dhunja – Name associated with Pandava Arjuna

27. Dhanashika-

28 Dhaneshi – Having knowledge or awareness of an issue or subject

29. Dhanasvi – Luck, Luck

30. Dhanpriya – love of money, desire for wealth

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