Hindu Baby Girl Names: Baby girl’s name is derived from C, so you can choose these names as well.

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Baby girl’s name is derived from C, so you can choose these names as well.Image credit source: Freepik

Hindu baby girl names with c: In today’s time, parents name their children very thoughtfully. Let’s prepare a list even before the child is born. Some people like one word names. On the other hand, some people like to keep names associated with God. Kids favorite at times Name It becomes very difficult to find.

If your baby girl’s name is derived from the alphabet ‘ch’, then you can also take ideas from here. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the name of a girl from this alphabet. In such a situation, you can overcome this problem by taking name ideas from here too. Here their meaning has also been explained along with the name. Let us know which of the following names you can name your baby girl.

Hindu girl names starting with C

Chahak – Generous, creative, cheerful, stable and friendly

Chitra – painting, splendid, attractive and picture

Chitralekha – Beautiful picture and as beautiful as any picture

Chahat – It means love

Charita (character) – of good or clean character

Chaitanya – Knowledge, intelligence, power, life

Chakori – Shining or shiny

Charuprabha – Beautiful

Chandravadana – facing Goddess Lakshmi and Moon,

Chetana – intelligent and powerful

Charulata – beautiful creeper

Chanchal – mischievous

Chinki – round face

Chitrani – River Ganga

Chitrakshi – colored eyes

Cheshta – (Cheshtaa) – The name Cheshta means one who tries.

Cherika – Moon

Chayla – Fairy

Chintana – Intelligent, meditative and thoughtful

Chitranshi – the larger part of the picture

Chandrakumari – the moon

Chitrali – Row of Pictures

Chandreyee – daughter of the moon

Chandraprabha – Moonlight

Charithra – This name means history


Chirantana – Long life

Chutki – small

Chandni – Moonlight

Chara – Happiness

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