Hindu Baby Boy Names: Baby boy’s name derived from letter D, favorite name can be found in this list

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Baby name with D: After the birth of a child, parents are worried about naming it. In today’s world, naming a baby is considered to be the most difficult task. In Hinduism, the first letter is taken out to name the child. According to this first letter, the child is named.

If your child’s name is derived from D, then here is a list of baby boy names. You can choose a cute name for your child from the names given in this list. Along with these names, their meaning has also been explained. The name you like in this list of baby names, you can give it to your son.

baby boy names with letter d

  1. view- Sight, Beautiful, Lord Krishna, When just the moon is visible.
  2. efficient- The meaning of this name is Able, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent.
  3. direction- This name means horizon and limit
  4. Deven- that which is divine and supernatural
  5. God- god and god
  6. viewer- one who is wise and knowledgeable
  7. South- name of lord shiva
  8. Dwij- bird born a second time
  9. Deep- light, lamp and beauty
  10. Devansh- in which the gods share
  11. divine- one who is brilliant, wonderful
  12. mirror- shining, shining
  13. Devavrat- Bhishma Pitamah is also called by this name.
  14. Devarsh- gift from God
  15. Visit- one who has vision
  16. Devashish- god bless
  17. Dipendu- moon, lunar
  18. Dipankar- that which emits light
  19. Dushyant- one who destroys the wicked
  20. convocation Guru’s gift
  21. divam- holy and pure
  22. Pole- Pole star, Immovable, Eternal, Firm, Steadfast, Faithful person
  23. polarization who is steadfast and faithful
  24. Darsheel- cool and handsome
  25. Devesh- Indra, King of the Gods
  26. Devam- One who is part of God, in whom part of God is seen
  27. Devarsh- gift from God
  28. Damodar- Name of Lord Krishna, Vishnu
  29. Sun-Surya, the one who gives light to the whole universe
  30. Lamp- light, illumination
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