Heart attack can occur due to tension, be careful if you worry about everything!

Heart attack and stress: Do you also feel stressed while talking? If you also have a lot of mental stress, then be careful, because it can cause heart attack. Health experts have warned about this. A study conducted by the American Heart Association in 2019 revealed that in people who experienced more mental stress, the risk of heart attack with increasing age was found to be twice as high as that of a normal person. Psychiatrist says that mental health has a direct impact on heart health. In many cases it becomes the cause of heart attack. In such a situation, there is a need to be careful.

Heart attack and tension

According to experts, mental stress is a major risk factor for heart diseases. Most people are not aware of this. When someone takes too much stress, his thinking ability gets affected. Its effect is also seen on the heart. Taking too much stress increases the problem of blood pressure. Swelling may also occur in many parts of the body. Due to poor mental health, sleep gets affected and eating habits get spoiled. Which affects the heart. Nowadays, the risk of heart attack is increasing at a young age, mental stress is considered to be its biggest factor.

Blood clots are formed due to stress

According to health experts, due to excessive stress, blood clots start forming in the body. When a blood clot forms in the heart, there is a risk of heart attack. Experts say that a little tension does not have that much effect but if you take too much tension then mental stress increases. In such a situation, one should be careful.

How to avoid tension and stress

Do exercise, yoga and meditation every day.

In case of mental stress, definitely consult a doctor.

Pay special attention to food. Do not be careless in any way.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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