Health will be rejuvenated with Aqua Yoga, you can also start with these easy poses.

Benefits of Aqua Yoga: Knowing that Yoga is beneficial for health, the whole world has accepted it with open arms. Although yoga in any pose is beneficial for body and mind, but if we talk about new style then Aqua Yoga is much talked about these days. Aqua yoga means water yoga. Apart from benefiting health, it also helps in keeping the body fit. Let us know that if you want to start this style of yoga, then what kind of yoga you should start with.

Let us tell you that in Aqua Yoga, some special types of yoga are done inside water. You can do yoga in swimming pool, bathtub, lake or pond. While Aqua Yoga makes your muscles flexible and strong, it also strengthens the lungs. This not only reduces weight but also calms your mind.

aqua tree pose

Stand close to the wall of a pool. Your feet should keep touching the ground firmly. Now lift your straight leg up and place it on the thigh of the left leg and hold the wall of the pool tightly. After some time, change it and now lift the left leg and place it on the thigh of the right leg and stretch it. While doing these poses, remain steady and breathe for some time.

airplane pose

Holding the wall of the pool with one hand, move the other hand forward and bend over. Bend over until the pool water touches your chin. Now keep one leg fixed there and bring the other leg forward. Keep the heels and head in the shape of a crown and when you become stable in this pose, leave the wall of the pool. Take long breaths in this pose and change the pose after breathing three to four times.

aqua chair pose

It is clear from the name that you have to stand in chair pose in water. Stand close to the wall of the pool. Now spread your legs and take both your hands forward and bend downwards as if you are sitting on a chair. Bend in such a position that the water touches the chin and remain there for some time.

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