Hair graying at the age of 20-25 is not a normal thing, these reasons can be behind it

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In the olden days, most of the people’s hair used to turn white when they crossed the age of 40-50. However, nowadays this problem is being seen very easily even in children and youth. If someone’s hair has started turning white at the age of 20-25, then it clearly means that this is happening due to some problem. Nowadays, due to bad lifestyle and unhealthy food, many people are facing the problem of premature graying of hair. Let us know what are the reasons behind premature graying of hair?

Why does hair turn white before time?

According to a TOI report, a doctor told that there can be many reasons behind premature graying of hair. Genetics also plays a big role in this i.e. if your parents, grandparents or maternal grandparents have early gray hair, then it is more likely that your hair will also turn gray early. Not only this, hormonal imbalance is also a reason, due to which the hair can turn gray quickly. Apart from this, anxiety or stress, lack of nutrition in the body, lack of essential vitamins, prolonged exposure to sun and pollution, smoking, eating unhealthy food, etc. are also some of the factors that lead to hair fall. May turn white before time.

Sometimes graying of hair also indicates health problems developing inside the body, such as vitamin B12 deficiency, vitiligo, thyroid disorder, etc. To avoid graying of hair, it is considered very important to consume a diet rich in nutrition. Elements like Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Selenium and Copper work to protect hair from premature graying. To keep hair healthy, fresh fruits, leafy greens, nuts and fish etc. can be consumed.

What can be applied to the hair?

You can apply coconut, amla and almond oil to nourish the hair and prevent it from turning white. However, it is not necessary that everyone gets the same benefit from them. As you know that stress and smoking also lead to premature graying of hair, so try to keep them under control.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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