Fruits Juice: Drink the juice of these fruits in summer, the body will remain cool

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Fruit Juice: In summer, we include many things in the diet to keep the body cool. It includes many types of fruits, vegetables and spices etc. It is also preferred to eat fruits rich in water in this season. These fruits include many types of fruits like watermelon. these fruits juice You can include it in your diet as well. The juices of these fruits will help in keeping your body cool.

These fruit juices do not allow water shortage in your body. Let us know which fruit juices can be included in the diet during the summer season.

watermelon juice

You can include watermelon juice in the diet. It is rich in electrolytes and fiber. It gives you relief from the scorching heat. You can also drink tasty watermelon juice in summer.

orange juice

In summer, a glass of orange juice removes your fatigue. This juice increases your immunity. Vitamin C is more in orange juice. In summer, this juice keeps you away from many diseases.

pineapple juice

You can drink pineapple juice. Bromelain and antioxidants are very high in it. Pineapple juice is also very good for your digestion. Many people also eat pineapple as a salad.

Mango Panna

You can also drink aam panna, a drink made from raw mangoes. You will need black salt, cumin ice cubes, raw mango and water to make panna.

coconut water

You drink coconut water in summer. Coconut water increases your energy level. This keeps the body cool. Coconut water removes your tiredness. Coconut water also brings many other benefits to health.

berries juice

Berries have anti oxidant properties. These properties work to protect you from oxidative stress. You can prepare tasty smoothies with berries like blue berries, strawberries and raspberries. This smoothie will work to give you relief from many problems.

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