Follow these 3 tips to save jaggery from spoilage, the taste will remain for a long time

How to store jaggery in monsoon: Monsoon season always brings troubles with it. In this season, many things kept in the kitchen start getting spoiled, like jaggery. Jaggery is considered very beneficial for health as compared to sugar. Many people consume it daily. Whenever we go to buy jaggery, we buy several kilos of jaggery in one go. But during the monsoon season, many things kept in the kitchen including jaggery start getting spoiled due to moisture. To keep them fresh and fresh and to prevent them from spoiling, you should know how to store jaggery during monsoon season so that it does not spoil.

If you know the right way to store jaggery, then you will never have to worry about spoilage of jaggery. Let us know what are the methods you can adopt to save jaggery from spoilage and to increase its shelf life.

how to store jaggery in monsoon

1. Store in the fridge

You can store jaggery in the fridge. Many people keep jaggery in a plastic container. While jaggery should always be stored in a steel container. Because the color of jaggery does not change by keeping it in a steel container.

2. Put bay leaves in the container of jaggery.

Bay leaves can also help you a lot in protecting the jaggery from spoilage. Keep a bay leaf in the container in which you are keeping the jaggery. Because bay leaves have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which work to protect against the problem of insects and mildew in monsoon.

3. Keep jaggery in a zip lock bag

Apart from steel containers, you can also use zip lock bags to store jaggery. Zip lock bag should be such that all the way of movement of air is closed. First of all, you have to wrap the jaggery in a paper. After this, store it in a zip-lock bag and keep it.

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