Flu, viral fever and pneumonia are completely different from each other, know how to identify all three.

health tips: Winter has also brought with it many diseases. These days, cases of flu, viral fever and pneumonia are increasing in many areas of the country. Since many types of bacteria and viruses become active in this season, due to which diseases start increasing. The biggest problem is that in flu, viral fever and pneumonia, only cough, cold and fever occur. In such a situation, many people remain confused in identifying these three. This should be known as soon as possible, because diseases like pneumonia can be dangerous and even fatal. Therefore, today we are telling you the difference between the symptoms of these three diseases…

What is the difference between pneumonia and flu?

1. According to health experts, the biggest difference between the symptoms of flu and pneumonia is related to breathing. There is no problem in breathing due to flu, but in pneumonia there is difficulty in breathing and due to this there is lack of oxygen in the body.

2. There is no problem of chest pain in case of flu, but in pneumonia the chest hurts severely. Phlegm may also come with cough.

3. In case of pneumonia, there is fatigue, loss of appetite and cold sweat, but there is no cold sweat in flu.

4. Flu cures on its own in three-four days, but bacterial pneumonia can worsen the patient’s condition. If timely treatment is not received, life can also be lost.

Difference between pneumonia and viral fever

Viral does not cause mild fever, breathing problems or chest pain. Viral fever can happen to anyone. Whereas most cases of pneumonia occur in children and the elderly. It can be dangerous for small children under two years of age.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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