Fatigue: If women often feel tired then these 5 big reasons can be there, ignoring it will be heavy.

Fatigue in women: It is within the power of women to handle household as well as office work. Women have been successful in handling both responsibilities. But with age, fatigue starts taking over them. It is natural to feel tired due to busy life and excessive work. But this workload does not always cause fatigue. There can be many other reasons for this. Ignoring them can prove harmful for women.


This is a major cause of fatigue in women. Due to anemia, the production of red blood cells in the body decreases. Due to this, one may feel very tired. Due to anemia, along with weakness, sleep also starts decreasing. Heartbeat starts increasing and headache is also felt.


Due to thyroid, the hormonal balance of the body starts getting disturbed. Because of this one has to suffer from many serious problems. Apart from fatigue and weakness, thyroid also causes rapid weight gain or loss, hair loss and skin looks dry. Mood swings also start happening.


Diabetes has now become a big disease. Because of this, women have to go through many difficulties. Frequent thirst and urination are its symptoms.


Depression has now become a common problem. Any person suffering from depression not only feels hungry and thirsty but also starts suffering from nutritional deficiency. It becomes difficult to sleep and memory is affected. Negative thoughts also become dominant.

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D also gradually starts decreasing in the body of women. Which becomes the cause of fatigue. Due to deficiency of this vitamin, the bones and muscles of the body start becoming weak.


In case of fatigue, it is better for women to get their blood tested as well as get tested for Vitamin D, thyroid and anemia.

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