Family history can be the cause of lung cancer, non-smokers are also at risk

Smoking and Lung Cancer: Smoking is considered to be the biggest cause of lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and small cell lung cancer (SCLC) are the two main types of lung cancer. NSCLC occurs less frequently and usually grows rapidly, while SCLC is more common and grows more slowly. A study published in The Lancet has told about the family history of lung cancer. Which tells about the increase in the development of a specific type of this disease. Cigarette smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, but genetics and family history can also be the cause.

What does the study say?

12,011 participants participated in this study conducted in Taiwan. There were indications of a family history of lung cancer in people who had never smoked. Especially in Taiwan where lung cancer is more common in non-smokers. Here about 60% of cases are diagnosed in stage IV.

These people have higher risk of lung cancer due to genetic reasons

1. If your parents or siblings have lung cancer, your risk may also increase.

2. In people under 50 years of age

3. Women have more risk than men

4. In non-smokers

Lung Cancer in India

In a study conducted by ICMR in 2022, it was reported that there were 70,275 cases of lung cancer in the country. Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the country with a high mortality rate, accounting for 9.3% of all cancer-related deaths. Presently its numbers have increased. It is feared that in the next two to three years, there may be an increase of 81,219 cases for men and 30,109 cases for girls in India.

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