Even one extra cup of coffee a day can reduce weight, this information revealed in research

Coffee for weight loss: Many people like to drink coffee. It is also considered beneficial for health. It is said that drinking coffee can provide relief from heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Nowadays, weight is also becoming a rapidly increasing problem. In such a situation, research has found that drinking an extra cup of coffee a day or adding sugar cream or something extra to it has an effect on weight. Let us know whether drinking an extra cup of coffee reduces weight or not?

Does drinking coffee reduce weight?

Three researches have found that people who drink a cup of extra coffee without increasing the amount of sugar gain less weight. Researchers have found that coffee can reduce weight gain. Those who drink an extra cup of coffee a day may gain 0.12 kg less weight within four years. If sugar is added to that coffee then the weight can increase by 0.09 kg.

What does research say?

The research team combined data from 2.3 lakh participants in the B Nurses Health Study from 1986 to 2010 and 1991 to 2015, and 50,000 male participants in the Health Professional Follow-up Study from 1991 to 2014. He was asked questions regarding food. It also included questions about weight gain within four years of drinking coffee. In a study of nurses, it was found that every four years the weight increased by 1.2 to 1.7 kg.

At the same time, in the study of health professionals, it was found that the average weight increased by 0.8 kg. Based on this, it was found that drinking one cup of unsweetened, caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee a day resulted in 0.12 kg less weight gain than expected in four years. Adding milk or other dairy products to coffee had no effect, whereas adding one teaspoon of sugar increased the weight by 0.09 kg.

Why is this study special

Talking about this research, it is quite special in two respects. Firstly, its sample size was very large and secondly, information was taken from the participants for many years. In this research, it could not be proved that drinking coffee is the real reason for the change in weight. Because the changes found in the study were not very big.

Why does coffee affect weight?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant, which works to reduce appetite. Many people drink coffee before exercise to improve their performance. Caffeine works to increase the speed of metabolism. Due to which more energy is spent even while resting. Since there are many reasons for weight loss, this study cannot be considered very satisfactory.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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