Even if you don’t exercise daily, do this work on weekends… Heart disease and stroke

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Keeping yourself fit in this modern lifestyle is a big challenge. You will find many such videos and content on social media in which exercise and diet are being told. Recently a research has been published on Howard’s side. In which it was written that all people should exercise for at least 150 minutes every week. Nowadays, keeping yourself fit is really a challenge. It has been mentioned in many researches that just as food and water are very important for our body, in the same way exercise is also important.

This special research happened in Harvard

In this special research of Howard, it was further said that if you do not get time to exercise every day, then if you take out time for yourself 2-3 days a week and exercise, then your body will get a lot of benefit from that too. . July 18 in JAMA year 2023 According to Harvard Research published on 2017, this entire research was named Weekend Warriors. Also, this research says that if you exercise even on weekends, you will be protected from many diseases.

90 thousand people were included in this research

This research was done on 90 thousand people whose minimum age was 62 years or so. In this research, special analysis of their health data and physical activities was done. All these people were measured on three grounds and it was seen that if they remain fit in any one of these three stages then it is enough.

The people involved were divided into three categories

Those people were placed in the first category who exercise throughout the week. Those people were kept in the second category who exercise during the week i.e. on weekends. And in the third category, those people were kept who do not exercise at all. The participants in this research wore a fitness tracker for a week and followed the specific rules of this research for about 6 years.

People who exercise on weekends have 27 percent less risk than those who exercise daily.

Compared to those who did not exercise, people who exercised only on weekends had 27 percent less risk of heart attack. The risk of heart failure was 38 percent less. The risk of atrial fibrillation was 22% lower, and the risk of stroke was 21% lower. The most surprising thing was that those who used to exercise throughout the week. Those who exercised on weekends had the same risk. Research does not say that just exercising on weekends will yield the same benefits as exercising daily. But if you are short of time then you can exercise on weekends also. It plays a special role in keeping you fit and active. If you are very busy then increase your exercise minutes every day.

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