Eating tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, new study reveals

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Study of prostate cancer in men: Tomato is said to be very good for health. It has countless benefits but a recent study has said that regular consumption of tomatoes can help in reducing the risk of Prostate Cancer in men. Let us tell you that prostate cancer in men is cancer that occurs in the prostate gland and it occurs when this gland starts growing beyond control. In such a situation, a study recently published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomakers and Prevention Journal states that if ten tomatoes are consumed in a week, the risk of prostate cancer can be reduced by 20 percent. This study was done by researchers from University of Bristol, Cambridge.

Eating ten tomatoes a week will reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Under this study, men were studied and asked to eat tomatoes in many ways. The men were made to consume raw tomatoes, ripe tomatoes, tomato juice and roasted tomatoes. The risk of prostate cancer in such men was found to be less as compared to men who did not eat tomatoes. The study says that an enzyme called lycopene found in tomatoes works to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Along with reducing the risk of cancer, lycopene protects the DNA and also protects the cells from breakage. Not only this, lycopene found in tomato also works to reverse the cancer cells growing in the prostate gland.

Prostate cancer is spreading more rapidly in developed countries

Let us tell you that the cases of prostate cancer in men are increasing rapidly. This disease occurs only in men because prostate gland is found only in men. In the last few years, prostate cancer has become the second most common cancer in men in the world. The special thing is that cases of prostate cancer are being seen more in developed countries than in developing countries.

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