Eating not only pizza but also oregano is very harmful, know which diseases are the cause of it.

Side effects of Ajwain: Nowadays people use oregano more in pizza, pasta and sandwiches. People like the aromatic and pungent aroma of oregano. Many people like to eat a lot of oregano by adding it to pizza and pasta. There are many types of oregano like Mexican oregano, European oregano, Greek oregano etc. but the oregano used in pizza and pasta is Mexican oregano, it is more harmful. It happens. Children like oregano the most. Oregano has many benefits but it has more disadvantages than benefits. In such a situation, today we know how harmful excessive use of oregano is for our body.

skin allergy
Excessive consumption of oregano can cause skin allergy. Some people are allergic to the compounds found in oregano. A compound called carvon present in oregano causes skin irritation and allergies. Apart from this, oregano also contains salicylate which can cause skin allergy.

stomach problem
A compound called carvon is found in oregano, which can give people problems like stomach ache, indigestion and gas. Therefore oregano should not be used excessively.

risk of miscarriage
Oregano contains anti-platelet compounds that prevent blood clots. These can be dangerous during pregnancy. The essential oils present in oregano can trigger contraction of the uterus which can lead to miscarriage. It is a very hot spice, so excessive consumption of it can generate heat which can be harmful for pregnancy.

Lowers blood sugar level
Active compounds present in oregano like flavonoids and phenolic compounds help in reducing blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. Oregano contains a compound called capsaicin which promotes the process of converting glucose into energy.

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