Due to heavy rains, this infection is spreading rapidly in Delhi and its surrounding areas, know the reason

Due to the rains in the whole of North India, there was respite from the heat, but due to the heavy rains, the risk of various infections has increased everywhere. According to the report, cases of Leptospirosis infection are being reported in Mumbai, Kerala and Delhi. This is such an infection that people of any age are getting easily. Leptospirosis disease is caused by Leptospira bacteria. This bacteria mostly occurs immediately in areas like eyes, nose, mouth and hands.

Let us know what is this disease, what is its cause? And how can you avoid it…

Cause of leptospirosis infection

Due to heavy rains, when the water gets frozen in the street, then the bacteria of leptospirosis starts growing in it.

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease. Which spreads from animals to humans.

If this disease has happened to an animal, then it spreads to humans through its urine.

There is a high risk of infection in the eyes, nose and mouth due to dirty water.

This disease also spreads rapidly due to bad food.

Symptoms of Leptospirosis Infection

The initial symptoms of leptospirosis are exactly like the flu.

In this infection first there is high fever.

After fever, the eyes gradually start turning red.

Apart from fever, there may also be a problem of severe headache.

The person who has this infection gets fever due to chills.

severe pain all over the body

There is a problem of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

Follow this method to avoid leptospirosis infection

To avoid leptospirosis infection, stay away from frozen water.

If leptospirosis has happened to any animal, then stay away from it too.

Do not allow children to bathe in lakes, rivers and flood waters.

If there is any wound, keep it clean.

Drink RO or boiled water only.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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