Drinking water while standing is dangerous, is it a myth or truth, know here what science says

Drinking Water : The habit of drinking water while standing is found in many people, but does this habit harm the body from inside or not? There is no scientific evidence for this. Many people believe that this There is a myth. But in Ayurveda it is believed that drinking water while standing affects the digestion process. Not only this, it is also believed in yoga practices that the process of drinking water while standing has a negative effect on the body. Drinking water while standing creates gas in the stomach, puts pressure on the digestive system and leads to water imbalance in the body, hence it is advised to drink water slowly while sitting. Let us know what else happens by drinking water while standing..

pressure on kidneys
Experts say that drinking water while standing puts pressure on the kidneys, which can increase kidney disease. Therefore, a kidney patient should drink water while sitting comfortably.

damages the lungs
Drinking water while standing puts pressure on the lungs due to which the lungs are not able to open completely. Due to this the respiratory system is affected. Water accumulated in the stomach puts pressure on the lower part of the lungs, causing the lungs to shrink.

joint disease
Experts believe that if someone has a problem of knee, hip or waist pain or joint swelling, then they should not drink water while standing. Drinking water while standing puts extra pressure on the joints, which can increase pain and joint damage. Is. Therefore, people suffering from joint diseases should drink water while sitting comfortably. Drinking water while sitting will reduce pressure on the joints and will provide relief to the joints.

effect on digestion
Drinking water while standing also causes accumulation of air in the stomach which is harmful for the digestive system. It causes problems of acidity and constipation.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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