Does drinking ‘cold drink’ increase the sugar level in blood? Research done on Saliva Insulin.

Cold drink is harmful for health. But today we will talk about whether diet cola is as dangerous and harmful for the body as other normal cold drinks. Recently a research has been done on 15 healthy people. In this research, 15 people were given diet cola and normal cola along with food every day. In this research, it was seen that after one hour of drinking diet cola or normal cola, the level of insulin in their saliva increased. The most interesting thing is that saliva contains a natural sweetener. Which is called aspartame.

Can diet cola also increase sugar?

Cold drinks are not only dangerous for people with diabetes but for all those people who are conscious about their health. This is because cold drink is sold in such a way that it has no calories at all. Contains artificial sweetener and aspartame. Due to which drinking it will not increase the sugar level in your blood. Insulin will not be required. So the question is that after drinking it, where is the insulin coming from? Diet Cola does not contain carbohydrates because it has zero calories. But can drinking cola trigger other things in the body? Artificial sweeteners can increase insulin resistance in the body. According to the magazine Nature published in the year 2017, aspartame increases the level of glucose. It also harms the bacteria found in the intestines.

So should one drink diet cola or normal cola?

It depends on how much cola you drink? If a person drinks Cola every day or prefers to drink diet Cola. So they should drink diet cola. Actually, any cola or cold drink is not good for health. Normal Cola contains a lot of sugar. About 12 teaspoons in 500 ml but diet cola promises zero calories. It also has zero calories and uses artificial sweetener. But it can cause diseases like insulin resistance and diabetes. For your information, let us tell you that artificial sweetener is much sweeter than sugar. Therefore, it also dulls the taste of normal sweets. And you think it should eat more. Diabetic or obese people can drink diet cola. A person who is physically fit should do exercise daily.

Is it okay to use artificial sugar in diet?

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization had warned against the use of artificial sweeteners to reduce the risk and avoid many diseases along with improving lifestyle. However, not eating this may result in some weight loss and reduction in body mass index (BMI). Because artificial sugar reduces the calories of the body.

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