Do you get upset when you see yourself in front of the mirror? Be careful, this is not a habit, it is a dangerous disorder

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body dysmorphic disorder : Do you also have a complaint with your looks, are you not happy to see yourself, do you keep thinking about your body shape all day long, if you are worried then be careful. Because it is not a habit but a kind of disorder, which in medical language is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a kind of mental problem, which can bother you about many things including appearance. In case of such a problem, one should immediately consult a psychiatrist and get treatment done.

What is body dysmorphic disorder

Everyone’s body has a special texture and its own specialty. Although the victims of body dysmorphic disorder feel that there are many shortcomings in their body. This type of thinking can force you to correct it. Health experts have told that due to this problem, your thinking can become very negative.

Why does body dysmorphic disorder happen?

What is the main cause of body dysmorphic disorder, many things are said about it now. However, it is believed that like other mental problems, this disorder can also be caused by family history, judging body or looks, negative thinking about it, abnormal brain chemistry due to negative thinking. In which they are forced to think again and again about their physical appearance.

How to Know If You Have a Body Dysmorphic Disorder Problem

1. There can be more than one symptom of body dysmorphic disorder.

2. Being troubled by thinking of that defect in the body, which is not visible to others.

3. Thinking that your looks are making you ugly.

4. Keep this in mind that people make fun of you thinking about you.

5. Looking at the mirror again and again, trying to make the skin beautiful.

6. Constantly comparing your face and looks with others.

How to cure body dysmorphic disorder

If there is a problem of body dysmorphic disorder, the doctor can recommend therapy. Along with this, some medicines can be given to protect you from problems like stress-depression or OCD. The sufferer of this disease can also be advised to improve lifestyle, exercise for physical fitness and stay away from alcohol.

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