Do you also feel too cold, then there may be a problem of cold intolerance, know about this disease.

cold intolerance: The risk of many types of diseases increases during the winter season, not only infections but also many such diseases whose names you might not have even heard of. One of them is cold intolerance. Yes, this is a condition in which the body gets cold and you feel very cold. Not only this, cold intolerance can also cause anemia, thyroid disease, let us tell you today about cold intolerance.

What is cold intolerance?

Doctors believe that if a person feels very cold or a person is very sensitive to cold temperature, then this condition is called cold intolerance. Not only in the winter season, such people also feel cold when sitting near a cooler, AC or wind and sometimes cold intolerant people also start facing the problem of cold.

When does the problem of cold intolerance occur?

Why does cold intolerance occur? So experts believe that the temperature of our body is controlled by different systems. The hypothalamus present in the brain works as a thermostat to regulate body temperature. It sends messages to the brain with the help of which heat production or cold production in the body is controlled.

How to avoid cold intolerance

Now it comes to how to avoid the problem of cold intolerance, for this, people who feel very cold should wear warm clothes all the time. Not only this, cover the entire body with a warmer and wear your regular clothes over it. If your skin is very sensitive then you should use soft wool, because sometimes rashes start appearing on the body due to the problem of cold intolerance.

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