Do you also drink water before drinking tea or coffee? So know its advantages and disadvantages

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">In India, drinking tea in the morning is not just a task but it is a feeling associated with the people. Tea is a part of the culture here. In India, you will find a tea stall at every nook and corner. Be it happiness or sorrow, tea is always with you here. Tea is served first to welcome the guests coming to the house. People here are fond of tea. Health experts also say that drinking too much tea on an empty stomach is harmful for health. This is not hidden from anyone but there are some people who drink water before drinking tea. Now the question arises that if people drink water before drinking tea or coffee, then acid is not formed in such a situation.

Is it safe to drink water before drinking tea or coffee?

Both tea and coffee are dangerous for the stomach. It produces acid only when it goes into the stomach. The pH value of tea is 6 while the pH value of coffee is 5. In such a situation, when you drink tea or coffee, the risk of many dangerous diseases increases in the body. Even the risk of diseases like ulcers and cancer increases. But if you drink water before drinking it. So reduces the risk to an extent. By drinking water, a layer is formed in the intestine which protects from the harm caused by tea and coffee.

Stale mouth or empty stomach tea is harmful

Drinking tea with stale mouth or empty stomach is very harmful. It works to produce acid in the stomach. It also spoils teeth. To a great extent, it also increases tooth decay. Drinking tea on an empty stomach can make you a victim of dehydration.

When to drink water before tea

Drinking water before tea is good for the body. In such a situation, one should drink water 10-15 minutes before drinking tea. So that the acidic effects produced in the body are reduced. One should never drink water immediately after drinking tea. This is very harmful from health point of view. Rather, it is better to drink water 10-15 minutes before drinking tea. This reduces the acidic effects of tea on the body.

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