Do you also blink so many times in 1 minute? Be alert because it can be fatal.

Have you noticed how often you blink? If not, then pay attention to this because the number of times you blink in a minute also reveals the secret of your health. According to the news published in India TV, the real reason for excessive blinking or fluttering of eyelids (causes symptoms of blepharospasm) can be due to serious neurological diseases.

If the habit of blinking increases then it can cause more problems in the eyes. Therefore, if any person is facing such problem then do not ignore it.

Be alert if you blink more than this in a minute.

Most people blink 15-20 times in a minute. Blinking is good if the eyes get proper oxygen, clear the dirt and remain healthy. If a person blinks a lot then he should not be ignored. Let us tell you the symptoms of diseases. In the disease of blepharospasm, the problem of frequent blinking of eyelids starts.

cause of blepharospasm

There is no specific reason for blepharospasm. But after this disease, the functioning of the brain gets affected a lot. Although there can be many medical reasons for this. When the brain does not function properly. Is out of control. Due to which blinking increases.

Do not ignore these symptoms

Symptoms of blepharospasm start with twitching of small eyelids. And sometimes it increases much more. If the blinking becomes more frequent then the eyes close completely. Due to which it becomes very difficult. Like while reading or driving. In such a situation, definitely consult a doctor.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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