Do women have to bear a lot of pain in the whole process of IVF, as well as know how much in it

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Being a mother is a pleasant feeling for any woman. But there are some women who are not able to get this happiness. Nowadays IVF awakens a ray of hope in those women. Now the question arises that what is IVF? Actually it is known as In vitro fertilization (IVF). For this women conceive. Women whose fallopian tubes are completely blocked can become mothers through IVF.

When does a man or a woman need IVF?

If a woman’s fallopian tubes are completely blocked, then IVF is required. Apart from this, if there is a shortage of sperms in a man, then also IVF is required. Nowadays the problem of PCOD is increasing in women, in such a situation they have problems with ovulation. Because of which endometriosis or other fertility treatments fail. After which doctors recommend IVF. Many times it happens that all the tests of both men and women have come fine, but women are not able to conceive a child. In this case, doctors recommend IVF.

Sometimes IVF also fails

There are 60 to 70 percent such cases in which couples conceive through IVF in the very first time, but there are some cases in which this whole process has to be done 2-3 times.

The whole process of IVF is like this

IVF is called in vitro fertilization. It was earlier also known as test tube baby. If it is understood in simple language, then in this the eggs of the woman are mixed with the sperms of the man. When the embryo is formed from the fusion of both, then it is put back in the womb of the woman. This whole process can cost a lot of time and money but it is like a boon for those people who are yearning for their child.

ovarian stimulation

According to health experts, the best thing about this whole process is that it is painless. There is no pain to any woman in this. Along with this, there are many steps in this whole process like – the first step is ovarian stimulation in which an egg is extracted from a woman’s ovary. This egg extraction process is done exactly 34 to 36 hours after the woman’s ovulation process. The work of extracting eggs from the woman is done through a needle. No pain or operation is used in this. Egg process is done after 3-5 days. After 3-5 days the embryo is placed in the womb of the woman. This whole process is painless. Although there may be slight pain or heaviness in the body. With this you can live a normal life comfortably.

The cost of IVF in India ranges from 1 lakh to 2, 50,000 lakh. Depending on the health condition of the couple, this expenditure may increase or decrease. According to the health condition of the couples, they are given medical treatment. Different hospitals tell you different packages of fertility treatment. In which all types of fees are included. Along with this, the doctor’s fees are also included.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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