Do this work between 5-7 pm in the evening…then see how the weight falls.

Weight loss: Nowadays obesity is becoming a common problem. Due to irregular eating habits and lack of exercise, people have started gaining weight. People adopt various measures to lose weight. But do you know that you can lose weight just by making slight changes in your daily routine? That too without any strict dieting or heavy exercise. Let us know that if you do these two things between 5-7 pm in the evening, then your weight loss can happen rapidly.

Have dinner from 5 to 7 o’clock
To lose weight, it is very important to eat dinner at the right time. Dinner should be taken between 5 to 7 pm. This helps in reducing weight. There are many benefits of having dinner at this time. Eating early at night helps the body to get full benefits from food. Due to this, the process of digesting food i.e. metabolism increases. So that the body gets complete nutrition from the food and also gets good energy. Besides, it also helps in burning extra calories which is very beneficial in reducing weight.

Helps in reducing weight
By sleeping after eating dinner very late at night, the digestive system does not get enough time to digest the food. Due to this, food is not digested properly and can lead to stomach related problems like stomach ache, indigestion, gas and flatulence. If eaten early in the evening, a lot of time is left after eating, in which the digestive system can digest the food properly. Is able to digest. Therefore, eating food early in the evening is better for digestion and stomach health. And this will also reduce weight rapidly.

Do exercise between 5 to 7
Working out in the evening has many benefits, for those who work during the day, it is beneficial to do evening workout. There are many benefits of working out at night. Working out in the evening provides coolness to the body and due to fatigue, sleep also improves. At this time, you do not need warm-up to work out, because the body is already active due to movement.

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