Do not worry if the fridge is damaged, store vegetables like this, they will remain fresh

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how to store vegetables in hindi when fridge is suddenly not workingImage credit source: Freepik

Food items spoil quickly in the summer season. Due to excessive heat and humidity, even chemical reaction starts happening in the food items. If milk or vegetables are left outside for a while in the month of May-June, then after some time they start smelling. Milk explodes in chunks. Sometimes it also happens that due to the heat, the refrigerator also stops working or gets damaged.

When the refrigerator suddenly breaks down, the tension of storing vegetables increases. If the fridge has suddenly gone bad and you want to keep the vegetables fresh, then you should dry these home remedies.

Tips for Leafy Vegetables

Are you worried about your leafy vegetables getting spoiled due to sudden fridge failure? Clean and wash them before storing. Keep it in a basket or plastic box and leave it open. Keep sprinkling water on them in between.

Store vegetables like this

If you want to store capsicum, beans or other vegetables outside the fridge, then follow the old method. Clean the vegetables and then keep them in a clean cotton cloth. Wet it before placing it in a cloth and then keep the vegetables. Keep them in such a place where the temperature remains normal. Keep wetting this cloth with water in between.

recipe for tomato

Tomatoes can be stored outside as well, but it is best to keep them in the fridge. If you want to keep them fresh even after the refrigerator is damaged, then try the recipe of garlic. For this, where you are keeping the tomatoes, keep some buds of garlic along with them.

Potato Storage Tips

Even if potatoes or onions are not kept in the fridge, but to keep them in summer it is necessary to take care of some things. For potatoes and onions, take special care that the place where you are keeping them is not too hot.

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