Do not keep these 5 fruits in the fridge even by mistake, otherwise after eating, instead of benefit, there will be harm to the body.

Some people think that like vegetables, keeping fruits in the fridge will keep them fresh for a long time and will prevent them from getting spoiled. But it is not like that at all. You should keep only a few selected fruits in the fridge. Keeping fruits in the refrigerator spoils most of the fruits or can become poisonous. Especially one should avoid keeping pulpy fruits in the refrigerator. Keeping fruits in the fridge can cause harm instead of benefits. Know which fruits you should not keep in the fridge.


Banana is a fruit which you should never keep in the refrigerator. Banana turns black very quickly if kept in the refrigerator. Ethylene gas is released from the stalk of banana, due to which other fruits ripen quickly, hence banana should never be kept in the fridge or with other fruits.


People eat watermelon a lot in summer. But this fruit is so big that it becomes difficult to eat it in one go. In such situations, many times people cut watermelon and melon and keep them in the refrigerator. What is wrong. Watermelon and melon should never be cut and kept in the fridge. Keeping them in the fridge destroys their antioxidants. Yes, you can keep them in the refrigerator for some time before eating them.


If apples are kept in the refrigerator, they ripen quickly. The reason behind this is the active enzymes found in apples. Due to which the apple ripens quickly. Therefore do not keep apples in the fridge. If you want to store apples for a long time, then keep them wrapped in paper. Apart from this, fruits with seeds like plum, cherry and peach should also not be kept in the refrigerator.

Never keep mango in the refrigerator. Due to this the antioxidants present in mango start decreasing. Due to this the nutrients of mango are also destroyed. Mangoes are cooked with carbide, which spoils quickly when mixed with water.


Don’t forget to keep litchi, which tastes delicious in summer, in the fridge. By keeping litchi in the refrigerator, its upper part remains the same, but the pulp starts spoiling from inside.

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