Dengue occurs only when bitten by a female mosquito… why not by a male mosquito?

Dengue fever is caused by mosquito bites. Dengue mosquito is very different from other mosquitoes. It is said that dengue fever occurs due to the bite of female Aedes. Which is found all over the world. Female Aedes are so strong that they can survive for years in the hottest places. Because of which it is more common in India. It can bite humans as well as animals and make them victims of dengue. But now the question arises that how will we find out which mosquito is the one causing dengue? Let us tell you the characteristics found in dengue mosquitoes.

What is dengue mosquito like?

The name of the mosquito whose bite causes dengue is the female Aedes mosquito. Now you might wonder why the male Aedes doesn’t spin. So we did a lot of research in which it was not found that male Aedes bites. The female Aedes mosquito is quite different from the normal mosquito. It has stripes on its back. This mosquito often bites in bright light. Dengue mosquitoes bite especially during the day. At night, this mosquito bites in bright light. Therefore, if you protect yourself from bright light in the morning and night, you can avoid dengue mosquitoes.

Another special thing about this mosquito is that it cannot fly very high. It can fly only up to the human knee. When dengue starts spreading, it is most important that you wear full-sleeved clothes and keep your legs covered. For your information, let us tell you that dengue mosquitoes do not breed in dirty drains or dams but also start breeding in clean water. Therefore, if water accumulates anywhere, clean it immediately.

How many days does it take for dengue symptoms to appear?

Symptoms of dengue appear within 2-3 days of mosquito bite. Its symptoms start appearing on the body within 3-5 days of the bite of Aedes mosquito. Like- high fever, body pain. For your information, let us tell you that there are about 3 thousand 500 mosquito species. Among these, there are some breeds which do not cause any trouble at all. Only 6 percent of mosquito species are females. Who drink human blood for the development of their eggs.

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