Curd vs Yogurt: Know which is most beneficial for health, do not mistake both of them as one.

Yogurt vs Yogurt: Curd and Greek yogurt look exactly the same. Because of which many people remain confused about them. Many people mistake both of them for the same thing. Even though both look similar, they both affect health differently. There is a lot of difference between the two (Curd vs Yogurt). In such a situation, let us know whether curd or yogurt is more beneficial for health…

Difference between curd and yogurt

Curd is a dairy product made by adding acidic substances to milk. To make curd, a little old curd has to be mixed in milk. Whereas yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk. This is the reason why there is a difference in the taste of curd and yogurt and different nutrients are found in both.

What are the nutrients in curd and yogurt?


Both Greek yogurt and curd are rich in probiotics. This is the reason why both are considered good for digestive health. By consuming them, the digestive system remains healthy and one can avoid many types of diseases. This also does not cause the problem of swelling.


Both curd and Greek yogurt are considered very beneficial for bone health. Calcium is found in abundance in both. These work to protect the body from bone related problems. However, curd contains slightly more calcium than yogurt. Due to which eating curd can be a little more beneficial.


Greek yogurt is considered more beneficial than curd in reducing weight, because it contains more protein, which helps in weight loss. If you are losing weight, you can include Greek yogurt in your diet as a snack. The benefits of which can be seen soon.

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