Can we eat ladyfinger twice a week? If you also eat then read this first

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Benefits of Ladyfinger: You must be liking the crispy lady finger vegetable. Anyway, ladyfinger is available in abundance in the market during the summer season. Ladyfinger is not only good in taste, it would be no less if it is called a boon for health. Health experts say that if you eat ladyfinger twice a week, not only will your heart remain healthy but your sugar level and obesity will remain under control. Let us know what are the health benefits of lady finger.

Okra is number one in terms of nutrition

Bhindi is also commonly called okra and in English it is called lady finger. Ladyfinger contains a lot of fiber and many types of vitamins and minerals are found in it. Calcium is also found in okra and it contains excellent anti-obesity properties.

Okra controls sugar

Okra is said to be beneficial in controlling sugar. The eugenol found in it increases insulin resistance in the body and controls blood sugar. Therefore, eating ladyfinger is said to be beneficial for diabetes patients.

Okra is effective in reducing weight

The abundance of fiber found in ladyfinger helps in weight control. Its anti-obesity properties help in reducing weight and also improves the digestion process. Eating ladyfinger boosts metabolism. Not only this, people who fall sick frequently due to weak immune system should consume ladyfinger because its consumption makes the body strong to face seasonal diseases.

Okra is also good for eyes

Beta carotene found in ladyfinger is considered very good for eye health. This improves eyesight and can relieve eye problems that occur in summers like eye irritation, conjunctivitis and watery eyes etc.

Okra is very beneficial for the heart

Ladyfinger helps in maintaining good heart health. The anti-oxidants found in it help in reducing bad cholesterol. Not only this, the potassium found in lady’s finger controls high blood pressure, which reduces heart related risks.

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