Can Nipah virus spread from one person to another like Corona?

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Nipah virus: The extent to which Nipah virus infection is increasing in Kerala has increased the concern of health experts across the country. So far, Nipah Virus infection has been confirmed in 6 people in the state. This is the reason why about 1,000 people who came in contact with them are being monitored. Nipah virus infection, which started from Kozhikode district, has now reached more than 30 cities. An alert has been issued in Kerala and neighboring states. Health experts are advising not to go to the affected areas and avoid infection. But the biggest question is whether, like Corona, the infection of Nipah virus is also transmitted from one person to another. Who is most at risk from this?

How dangerous and deadly is Nipah?

The strain of Nipah virus that is being seen in India is believed to be from Bangladesh. In many studies it has been found to be less contagious but the risk of death may be higher due to it. According to researchers, mainly two types of Nipah virus have been found. First is Malaysia strain and second is Bangladesh strain. Due to Malaysia strain, the risk of transmission of infection from one infected person to another is less, whereas due to Bangladesh strain, the risk is higher. There is a greater risk of it passing from one person to another.

Is the infected person a threat to others?

According to experts, Nipah virus infection can easily spread from one person to another. Therefore it is important to remain in social isolation. Health experts say that Nipah infection can also spread rapidly among people just like Corona. Even a healthy person can get infected by coming in contact with urine, blood or droplets released during sneezing of an infected person. This is the reason why among all the infected people being found in Kerala, the number of health care workers is more.

Who is most at risk from Nipah virus infection?

According to health experts, Nipah virus infection can affect anyone. The body’s immunity plays an important role in this also. People with weak immunity may be more vulnerable to it. Infection can occur by eating fruits or anything that has come in contact with infected bats and pigs.

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