Can I live a normal life after donating a kidney? Then this change comes in life

In such a situation, many questions related to kidney are being searched on Google. For example, can a person spend his whole life with the help of one kidney. What are the things a kidney donor has to take care of? The third and most important question is what are the things that the person who has been transplanted has to take care of so that his future life passes smoothly. Today, through our article, we will give you answers to many such questions.

Donating kidney is not a small thing

There are two kidneys in a person’s body. The work of the kidney is to clean the blood of the body, along with it cleans the dirt of the body and takes it out. You understand it like this, it is like a filter. Which works to clean the dirt of the body. There are many people who donate kidney for their family members when needed but this is a big deal. Because the person who donates kidney, his life also changes a lot and he also has to take special care of some things in the life ahead.

Can whole life be spent with the help of one kidney?

According to kidney specialist, a person has two kidneys. But when a person donates one of his kidneys, then the work of the remaining kidney increases more. You understand that the entire burden of cleaning the body falls on one kidney. The function of one kidney increases. And if you keep your lifestyle and diet right, then you can live a normal life even with the help of one kidney.
In many people, only one kidney works since birth. It means to say that such people have two kidneys but only one kidney works.

The person donating kidney should be healthy

If the person who donates the kidney is healthy, then understand that there will be no problem in the future and he can lead a normal life. On the other hand, if a person donates a kidney between 30-40, it means that he is very healthy and there will be no problem for the next 20-25 years.

right age to donate kidney

The right age for kidney donation is between 30-40. But now people of 60-65 years also donate kidney. Because where are the people who donate kidney found nowadays?

Kidney donor has to take care of these things

After kidney donation, it is very important for the donor to take care of these things. For example, you do not have to lift anything heavy for 6 weeks. Don’t do any tough exercise or do strenuous work.

Kidney donor has to take special care of his diet

After donating the kidney, the donor always has to take care of one thing that he has to keep his lifestyle very luxurious. Means they do not have to eat alcohol, caffeine and high protein food. To digest all these things, there is more load on the kidney.

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