Blood deficiency occurs in pregnant women even after taking medicine and food, shocking research found

Recently a research has been published regarding the disease of anemia among pregnant women in India. Many reasons have been mentioned in this research. It has also been mentioned that despite good food and medicine, the women here have to suffer from anemia. It is not only during pregnancy but young women of India are also suffering from anemia. According to the news published in ‘Amar Ujala’, according to a research done in ‘Lady Hardinge Hospital’, a research of ‘Women and Obstetrics’ department revealed that even after taking medicines and eating food, there is anemia in pregnant women. There are 80 percent women in the hospital who are unregistered while 40 percent were registered women who had anemia.

This is the real reason due to which women suffer from anemia during pregnancy.

Even after taking medicines and food, women still suffer from anemia during pregnancy. The biggest reason for this is that women do not take medicines, tests or medical treatment on time or eat properly. The entire period of pregnancy is so long that even after taking so much safety, carelessness still happens. Due to which the health of the child in the womb suffers harm.

Research done in such a special way

According to the research of the year 2021, cases of anemia have been reported in 80% of non-registered women undergoing treatment and 40% of registered women. During the research, it was found that women take medicine and food but their timing and method is quite different. Due to which there is lack of blood in their body. Of the 40 percent women who were registered as having anemia, as soon as they were kept on proper diet and under observation, 20 percent of them recovered and were found to have only mild anemia.

There is difficulty in conceiving due to lack of blood.

Does anemia have any relation with pregnancy? This question is often asked by those women who are facing problems in conceiving. So know here how deficiency of hemoglobin, iron and blood prevents your dream of becoming a mother from coming true…

The blood that nourishes the body is made up of many different things. Like red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, iron, oxygen etc.

Red blood cells contain millions of hemoglobin molecules and with the help of these molecules the blood is able to supply oxygen to the cells inside the body. When there is a deficiency of red cells in the blood due to any reason, the body starts becoming weak and health starts deteriorating.

When there is a deficiency of hemoglobin due to lack of red blood cells in the blood, then this condition is called anemia. Due to anemia and especially due to lack of red blood cells, many types of disorders develop inside the body. One of these disorders is Myelodysplastic syndromes. Which is related to reproduction related issues.

A research published in the International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review states that women who do not consume adequate amounts of iron-rich foods may have trouble producing the eggs needed to conceive.

Even if a woman’s body is able to produce eggs in the right quantity even after anemia, the quality of these eggs is not good and due to the problem of poor egg quality, the chances of getting pregnant reduces by 60 percent. Because these eggs formed during ovulation are not able to complete the process of conceiving properly.

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