Before going to bed, you use your phone or watch web series… so be careful.

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Sleeping Tips: Sleep is as important for our body as food and drink. To stay healthy, it is equally important to have good sleep along with good eating habits. Sleep is helpful in both recovery and development of our body. Due to lack of sleep, our body starts suffering from fatigue and headache. This problem can even increase the risk of migraine headache. Not only this, being a victim of insomnia increases the risk of many risks like high BP, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

We adopt many such habits every day due to which our sleep gets affected. It has become common among the youth that due to their addiction to the phone, they stay awake all night. They sleep in the morning and remain asleep throughout the day, due to this food, work, daily routine gets ruined and the risk of disease also increases.

Do not do these things before sleeping-

1. Do not use mobile –

Nowadays the habit of watching reels keeps one awake all night. Avoid working on smartphone, laptop or iPad after lying down to sleep in bed at night. Also, do not make the mistake of messaging a friend or family member or becoming a part of a group chat immediately before going to sleep. By doing this you will not be able to fall asleep quickly, which may affect your sleep cycle.

2. Sleeping after drinking tea/coffee-

Many people like to have tea and coffee at night. Which is one of the wrong habits. Actually, caffeine is present in tea or coffee which keeps the brain awake. This is the reason why one should avoid taking tea, coffee, chocolate, cola, soda or energy drinks after eating dinner at night.

3. Avoid exercising –

We should avoid exercising before sleeping at night, because exercising before sleeping makes our brain active, which can take away your sleep. Therefore exercise should always be done in the morning or evening only.

4. Sleeping immediately after studying-

Leave your brain in rest mode before sleeping. By sleeping right after studying, the mind remains entangled in the same calculations. Therefore, after studying, take a break for some time and then go to sleep.

5. Do not sleep with pets –

People sleep with their pets on the bed, which is a bad habit. Pets keep stirring while sleeping due to which your sleep is incomplete.

6. Sleeping after drinking alcohol –

You may fall asleep quickly after drinking alcohol, but you have to face problems like restlessness and frequent opening of eyes during sleep. At the same time, avoid eating anything heavy before sleeping or late at night. Because it can provide energy to the body and activate the brain. If the mind is not calm then sleep will not be good.

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