Before giving antibiotics to the child, know this, these side effects can affect the growth of the child.

Side effects of antibiotics: It is common for children to catch cold as the weather changes. Especially in the cold season, along with cold, viral infections and flu also trouble children. In such a situation, it is common to give antibiotics to get relief. Although antibiotics show quick effect, very few people know their side effects. Excessive use of antibiotics can be dangerous, especially in the case of children.

Side effects of antibiotics in children

If you also give antibiotics to your child, then you should know the possible side effects of these medicines. Health experts say that giving more antibiotics to the child repeatedly without medical advice can cause great harm to the child’s health. Let us know what could be the disadvantages of feeding antibiotics to a child.

Know the disadvantages

  • If a child is given too many antibiotics, the healthy bacteria in his body are also destroyed which are considered essential for his health. When these bacteria are destroyed, the child becomes at risk of many health related diseases.
  • If a child is given too much antibiotic medicine, he may face the problem of antibiotic resistance. If too much medicine is given, after some time that medicine stops affecting the body, which is called antibiotic resistance. In such a situation, when the child becomes very ill, these medicines are not effective and health becomes at risk.
  • Antibiotics have a negative effect on the child’s digestive system, which can have a negative impact on the child’s growth. Due to these medicines, the child’s body is not able to digest the nutrients properly and the child’s growth stops.
  • Giving too many antibiotics can also weaken the child’s immunity. Due to this, the child falls ill frequently and quickly due to infection and bacteria.
  • Giving too many antibiotics to children has a bad effect on the child’s stomach, which can cause diarrhea. Consuming such medicines can also cause problems like acidity in the stomach. Therefore, one should try to give antibiotics to the child only on medical advice.

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