Be sure to read this point on the beer bottle, a small mistake can be fatal.

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Beer Bottle Expiry Date: People do not pay attention to many things while drinking beer or liquor. For any party, go to the wine shop and pick up a case of beer. After this, you immediately come home and start drinking it, but doing so can prove fatal for you. This beer can completely spoil your party. If you do not look at one thing written on the beer properly, then this small mistake can cost you dearly.

Old beer can be dangerous
In fact, many people drink beer without even checking the expiry date. Many people are not even aware that there is an expiry date on beer bottles also. At some places, vendors sell old beer to clear their stock, drinking which can be very dangerous for your health.

Liquor sellers also give many attractive offers to sell beer with expiry date. That’s why if you are getting one free beer for less money or one free beer, then definitely check its expiry date, if the beer has expired then do not take it at all and also complain about it.

Why does beer go bad?
Actually the alcohol content in beer ranges from 4 to 8 percent. The remaining part consists of barley and other types of water. In such a situation, it expires sooner than alcohol. Usually beer expires in 6 months. That is why it should be consumed within 6 months only. If you have opened the beer then drink it immediately, because its taste will deteriorate after a few hours. Also, there can be a risk of bacteria etc. in open beer. That’s why whenever you have a party, keep these things in mind.

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