Be careful if such colors start appearing on the nails, they indicate this disease.

nail discoloration: Every part of our body is connected to each other and sometimes many parts of the body give indications of the diseases occurring in the body. Similarly, the texture, color and shape of the nails tell whether we are healthy or not. Sick: Yes, if nails become yellow, black or white, then it indicates many diseases. In such a situation, let us tell you what the changing color of nails means and how you should avoid it.

redness of nails

Sometimes the color of the nails changes and they start appearing red, this can indicate inflammation or lupus disease.

yellowing of nails

Many times people feel that using turmeric causes the nails to turn yellow, whereas the appearance of yellow spots on the nails is due to the deficiency of Vitamin B, protein and zinc in the body. Sometimes yellowing of nails also indicates jaundice.

blue or black nails

Many times blue and black spots are seen in the nails, this indicates that the blood circulation in the body is not good and due to less blood circulation the nails turn blue and sometimes black. In serious conditions, it also indicates heart related diseases.

nail whitening

If white colored stripes start appearing in the nails, then it is related to kidney and liver diseases in the body. According to experts, seeing a white line in the nails can indicate a disease like hepatitis.

frequent nail breakage

Many times people’s nails break a lot and they think that perhaps the nails are weak and that is why they are breaking. But frequent breakage of nails also indicates many diseases, it indicates deficiency in blood and sometimes diseases like thyroid.

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