Avoid these foods in monsoon:Do not eat these foods in monsoon season, dangerous for health!

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Avoid these foods in monsoon: One gets rid of the heat that wreaks havoc during the monsoon season. But as pleasant as this season seems, during this time the risk of diseases is also high. To stay healthy and avoid diseases in this season, it is most important that we pay attention to our food and drink.

There is a high risk of health problems like digestive problems and food poisoning during the rainy season. There are some foods that can cause health problems if eaten during monsoon. Taking care of your health, here we are going to tell you about such foods, which you should not eat at all during monsoon.

leafy vegetables

Leafy greens like spinach, lettuce and cabbage are considered very healthy. However, due to the accumulation of humidity and water during the monsoon, these vegetables get contaminated. Bacteria and parasites enter leafy vegetables quickly, which can cause digestive problems. If you are going to eat leafy vegetables, wash them thoroughly and cook them.

street food

Street food can be tasty to eat. It is advised to avoid it during monsoon season. Street foods are not completely hygienic, due to which they can get contaminated quickly. All street foods like chaat, pakoras and samosas are not good for our digestion. According to health experts, deep frying is done in oil, which can lead to bloating.

avoid seafood

Seafood lovers need to be careful during monsoon. Fish and shellfish can quickly become contaminated during this season. Apart from this, water pollution also affects the quality of seafood, due to which there is a risk of food poisoning.

dairy products

Dairy products are also not safe to eat during monsoon due to humidity and proper refrigeration. Non-pasteurized dairy products like raw milk, curd or paneer contain many harmful bacteria.

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