Avoid these 5 mistakes, otherwise bones will become weak, know the right ways

Weak Bones: Are your bones also becoming weak? Do you also feel that bones are gradually becoming weak with age? So wait a little! It is not necessary that weakening of bones is a normal symptom that comes with age. Often some of our wrong habits and carelessness also weaken our bones. Let us know what are those 5 mistakes which are making the bones weak and also know what we should do to avoid them.

eating too much salt
Due to today’s lifestyle and eating habits, the bones of many people are becoming weak. Consuming too much salt especially has a very bad effect on the bones. Salt contains sodium, which removes calcium, which is very important for bones, from the body. Sodium pushes calcium out of the body through urine. Due to this, there is deficiency of calcium in the bones, due to which they start becoming weak. Apart from this, excessive salt also removes water from the body, due to which the bone cells become weak. Doctors advise that taking more than 5 grams of salt daily can prove dangerous. To keep your bones strong, reduce salt in your diet and eat as much fresh and healthy food as possible.

avoid exposure to sunlight
Taking sunlight is very important for our bones. Vitamin D is produced in our body by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which is very beneficial for the bones. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes difficulty in the bones absorbing calcium, due to which the bones become weak and soft. Therefore, doctors advise to take sunlight for at least 15-20 minutes every day. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen while sunbathing.

too much sweet food
Eating too many sweets can weaken bones. When we eat excessive amounts of sugar or sweets, the blood sugar level in the body increases. Due to high blood sugar, calcium levels are affected which can cause damage to bones. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar reduces the calcium level in the body and due to this the bones can become weak. Additionally, eating too many sweets can lead to weight gain which puts pressure on the bones.

fried food
Eating too much fried and dip fried food can weaken bones. Fried and fried foods are high in trans fat which can be harmful for bones. Trans fat reduces the absorption of calcium in the body, due to which the bones do not get nutrients.

oxalate food
Foods rich in oxalate like chocolate, cakes, pastries, cookies etc. can weaken bones. Oxalate contains oxalic acid, which prevents calcium absorption. Due to this, the bones do not get sufficient amount of calcium, due to which they become weak.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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