Attention ! This one mistake you made in EYE FLU can take away your eyesight

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Eye flu : In rains and floods, the cases of conjunctivitis i.e. eye flu are increasing rapidly. There is a problem of redness, pain and irritation due to eye infection. Although this problem ends in a few days, but sometimes it can also take a serious form. Eye experts say that due to eye flu, some people have started using eye drops on their own, which may contain an excess of steroids. This gives relief from eye flu for some time, but for a long time, steroids can cause serious problems in the eyes. That’s why eye flu should be treated properly. Steroid eye drops should not be used by themselves.

types of conjunctivitis

According to health experts, cases of conjunctivitis are increasing rapidly in many states including Delhi. It is a self-limiting disease, which means it can get cured on its own after some time. Antibiotics are not needed in every case of conjunctivitis. Sometimes there is also a risk of this infection becoming viral, for which timely treatment is necessary.

don’t use steroids

Although there is no proven treatment for eye flu, but in some cases, depending on the condition of the disease, the doctor may recommend eye drops containing corticosteroids. This can eliminate adenoviral conjunctivitis infection. But corticosteroids are not for everyone. Caution is needed regarding its use. If it is used excessively or without need, then the infection can increase and there can be a risk of prolonged exposure.

steroids dangerous for eyes

According to a PTI report, Dr JS Titiyal, head of the RP Center at AIIMS, said that positive bacterial cultures have been observed in about 20-30 per cent cases of eye flu, which suggests that it is a superimposed bacterial infection. Are. The doctor says that excessive use of steroid eye drops can cause many risks. People who use corticosteroids for a long time may be at risk of glaucoma and cataracts. Both are serious for the eyes. There is also a danger of loss of eyesight due to them.

What the eye expert has to say

Eye experts say that one should be alert about conjunctivitis. To avoid this, measures should be taken. If this disease is identified in time, then it gets cured quickly. In case of eye infection, use any medicine only on the advice of the doctor. In most cases apply cool compress and rest. This cures eye infection.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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