Attention ! Heart diseases are increasing due to deficiency of this special vitamin, even a small mistake can cost your life.

heart disease : Due to deteriorating lifestyle and poor eating habits, the number of heart patients has increased rapidly in the last few years. According to WHO, heart disease is a fatal disease. The most serious thing about it is that its risk increases with increasing age. Even young people are falling prey to it. Although lifestyle and diet are the main causes of heart disease, it has been claimed in a study that deficiency of certain vitamins can also increase heart diseases.

Connection between Vitamin D and heart disease

This study published in the European Heart Journal states that people who are deficient in Vitamin D may have a higher risk of many heart-related diseases than other people. Researchers say that things that fulfill Vitamin D should be included in your diet. This vitamin is very important for the body. This study states that people who are deficient in Vitamin D have a higher risk of high blood pressure. This is considered to be the main cause of heart disease. Due to deficiency of this vitamin, the risk of diseases like heart attack, heart failure can be twice more than that of other people.

What does the study say?

Professor Elena Hypponen at the University of South Australia says that cases of severe vitamin D deficiency are rarely seen in people. However, its general deficiency can also have a negative effect on the heart. It has been told in the study that Vitamin D deficiency is more common among the people living in the cities. One reason for this is not getting enough sunlight. Therefore people should be careful. This study has been done on about 267,980 people. In this, results of connection between Vitamin D deficiency and CVD have been found.

How to overcome Vitamin D deficiency

According to health experts, Vitamin D deficiency can be overcome by making some special changes in the diet. Everyone should be exposed to sunlight in the morning. Several studies show that vitamin D deficiency can be overcome by including fatty fish, such as tuna, mackerel and salmon, some dairy products, oranges, soy milk and whole grains along with cheese, eggs and peanuts in the diet. .

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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