Are you also mistaking a panic attack for a heart attack? Be careful, otherwise…

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Terrorist attacks : Many symptoms of panic attack are similar to heart attack, hence people often mistake panic attack for heart attack. When a panic attack occurs, the heart beats faster, there is difficulty in breathing, dizziness, shivering in the body or complaints of muscle pain. Panic attack can happen to anyone at any time. This does not happen due to any external reason. In most of the cases of panic attack, people feel that there is no control over the body or sometimes people even assume that it is a heart attack. Let us know the symptoms of panic attack and ways to prevent it…

How dangerous is a panic attack?

According to health experts, a person may have a panic attack once or twice in his entire life. Generally, panic attacks get cured, but the doctor must be informed about it. If someone is facing mental health related problems then panic attack can be dangerous for the patient.

How is panic attack different from heart attack?

Most of the symptoms of panic attack are similar to heart attack, hence people consider panic attack as heart attack. Panic attacks start without any warning, but after it ends, the patient may feel extremely tired. In panic attacks, there can be complaints like increased blood pressure, rapid sweating, nausea, chest pain, etc. just like in cases of heart attack.

Panic attack symptoms

In most of the cases of panic attack, the patient gets relief for some time, but in case of not getting relief for some time and not contacting the doctor, it can also be dangerous. These symptoms of panic attack need special attention

lack of control over body

danger of death

to sweat

heart beat increases rapidly


Chest pain

increased headache

Ways to avoid panic attacks

Contact a doctor immediately if you have a panic attack.

One should take care of daily routine and eating habits

Mental stress should be minimized

Must remain physically active

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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