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JNU decided to install CCTV cameras on all floors after the ruckus over casteist slogans

JNU Casteist Slogan Controversy: Amid the incident of controversial casteist slogans being written on several walls of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the university management has issued a new advisory. It has been said in the advisory that a single entry/exit point should be made in all school centres. Along with this, entry/exit register should be maintained at the entry points of all the school centres.

After casteist slogans were written on the walls of JNU, the university administration came into action regarding the ruckus. To prevent any such incident in future, the JNU Administration has decided to take some preventive steps. It has also been said in the advisory that CCTV cameras will be installed on all floors.

Orientation programs will be organized

‘Don’t damage public property’, such warning boards will be installed at appropriate places in the buildings of all schools and centres. Proper lighting will be arranged in all schools and centers and orientation programs will be organized for the JNU community from time to time. The JNU administration has also appealed to all the students studying in the university to maintain peace in the campus.

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It may be noted that earlier, the students had claimed to have vandalized the walls of the ‘School of International Studies-II’ with controversial slogans written on them. The university has asked all the centers that there should be no vandalism, such notice boards should be put up at suitable places in every centre.

Why was there a need?

In fact, special caste and community-specific slogans were found written on the walls of JNU’s ‘School of International Studies-II’ building, in which people of those castes were asked to leave the university and the country. Its video also became very viral on social media. Regarding this, leaders of many political parties inside and outside the university gave their reactions. Seeing the ruckus increasing, the administration said that keeping in mind the existing security issues in the campus, an advisory was issued.

Caste slogans written for a particular community

Pictures of casteist slogans written on the walls of Jawaharlal Nehru University went viral. It was written ‘Brahmin leave campus’, ‘Blood will flow’, ‘Brahmin leave India’ and ‘Brahmin-baniya, we are coming for you!’, ‘We will take revenge’.

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