New Delhi. Due to the lockdown in the country due to Corona epidemic, the condition of mango to special has worsened. All kinds of businesses have stopped due to the lockdown. The effect of the lockdown was also seen on the cinema world. Many artists working from TV to Bollywood were seen struggling with financial constraints. Many celebs committed suicide due to lack of money and lack of work. In such a situation, now a big news has come out about actor Javed Haider. Javed Akhtar’s daughter has been expelled from the online class. The reason for this is the non-payment of fees.

No money to pay the child’s fees

Javed Akhtar, who has worked from TV to Bollywood, is facing a lot of problems today. The actor does not even have money to pay his daughter’s fees. Recently, Javed told in an interview to a magazine that he has a daughter. Who studies in 8th class. Being her father, he tried his best to enable his daughter to complete her studies. Javed told that till the work was going on. Till then there was no problem. But for some time they have been facing a lot of problems.

Due to the lockdown, her daughter’s online class is going on. For the first three months, the school had waived off the fees. Then he had to pay a fee of Rs 2500 every month. Javed told that when he went to school, the administration told that the fees for the first three months had been waived.


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Girl thrown out of online class

Javed Haider further told that he does not understand why the school children do not show mercy to the parents. The actor told that for some time he was able to pay the fees of his daughter. For some time they are not able to pay the fees. Because of which his daughter was thrown out of class. After which he arranged money from somewhere and paid the fees of the girl child. After which his daughter was given back admission.

people did not ask for help

Troubled by the financial situation, Javed Haider told that many people told him that ‘he should ask for help, but he felt that he had earned a name from his work. In such a situation, he did not like to ask anyone for help. Javed says that when you ask someone for money, then people start ignoring you. Which becomes trouble.

Not only this, Javed told that even if he calls for work, he also ignores him. In such a situation, there is a fear that the work that would have to be done may not get out of hand. The actor said that to get out of trouble, he even mortgaged his wife’s jewelery and house papers. Whose work is going on.


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Debut as a child artist


Let us tell you that Javed Haider made his debut as a child artist with Yaadon Ki Baaraat. This film was released in 1973. Javed Haider worked in many films. At this time Javed Haider is at home for a long time. They don’t even have any work.


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