Jamshedpur: The skeleton of Rahul Srivastava, missing since 116 days, was found, two accused arrested


Jamshedpur. The police has solved the murder case of Rahul Srivastava, a resident of Mango Pushpanjali Apartment in Jamshedpur district of Jharkhand. Rahul Srivastava was missing for 116 days. On the basis of secret information, the police arrested two accused and started interrogation. During this, the killers confessed to killing Rahul. The dead body of Rahul was recovered by the local MGM police from a hill near Chandil Dam after nearly four months. Police have seized clothes and hair as evidence from the spot. Police have also recovered the stolen car and mobile from the accused.

Rahul Srivastava used to work in a private company. The arrested accused have been identified as Ravindra Mahto, resident of Gamharia and his associate Sudhir Kumar Sharma. Both of them have made sensational revelations during interrogation. Rahul’s murder has been disclosed on the basis of call details. The last call on Rahul’s phone was from a woman. When the police contacted the woman, she told that two youths had used her mobile phone. After this the police started tightening the noose.

Regarding the murder case, MGM police station in-charge Mithilesh Kumar told that the deceased Rahul used to drive cabs in his car Ola Taxi Company. On August 1, Ravindra Mahto and Sudhir Kumar Sharma had booked a car to go to Chandil by calling Rahul from the mobile of a tea seller in Adityapur as part of a conspiracy. The accused had made Rahul drink liquor in excess. While intoxicated, Ravindra Mahto attacked Rahul on the head with a stone. Rahul was seriously injured, after which the accused killed him by crushing his head.

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