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Instagram influencer kicks dog, creates ruckus after video goes viral, apologizes

Instagram Influencers: Instagram influencer Kajal Kiran is facing backlash on social media after she was filmed laughing after kicking and hitting a stray dog. Following this, animal lovers on social media platforms reported the video and complained against the woman to the authorities.

Vidit Sharma, founder of ‘Save a Stray’, wrote on Twitter, “How can you be so insensitive to these voiceless souls. If you can’t love them, don’t hurt them.”

An activist named Tarana Singh wrote, “How terrible. Will we stoop so low for self-satisfaction and likes/followers? What are we teaching the youth and children?”

video removed from account

Soon after facing backlash on social media, Kajal Kiran removed the video from her account and apologised. In the video, he wrote that, “He is an animal lover.” In the caption, he wrote, “Hi guys, I am sorry for my cruel act, it was heat of movement. I regret my act and didn’t realize it at the time. I vow not to harm any animal.”

Commenting on the post, an NGO called Animal Hope and Wellness wrote, “It was not funny, it was disgusting. I guess it was amusing for you and the people around you, but not for many of us.” , You showed your truth. Now don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Make sure you don’t be around any animals from now on.”

more than a million followers on instagram

Kajal Kiran has a massive fan following on Instagram with 1,21,000 followers. He posted another video to apologise. In the video, she is seen feeding biscuits to dogs and says that she is an animal lover and has been doing good deeds all her life, and people should forgive her for “one mistake”. It can be seen in this video that she is giving water and food to stray dogs and has been helping people with disabilities.

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