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India will not only be America’s ally, it will become another superpower of the world – White House official

White House on India: The American White House has reacted to the growing influence of India in the world. A top White House official said that India will not be an ally of the United States of America (USA), but will be another major power. The US official said that in the last 20 years, India-US bilateral relations have become stronger and deeper as fast as it has not happened with any other bilateral relationship.

In response to a question about India at a meeting of the ‘Aspen Security Forum’ held here, White House Asia Affairs Coordinator Campbell said that he believes that bilateral relations with India are the most important for America in the 21st century. The top White House official said, “It is a fact that in the last 20 years, I have not seen any bilateral relationship between America and India, which is getting deeper and stronger so rapidly.”

India will emerge as a great power

He said that America needs to use its potential more and there is a need to establish mutual contact between people while working together on technology and other issues. Campbell said, “India will not be an ally of America. It aspires to be an independent, powerful country and will emerge as another great power.”

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Campbell said that he believes that this is a relationship in which there should be some ambition. We should look at the areas where we can work together. Be it space, education, climate or technology. We should move forward in this direction. He said that if you look at the last 20 years and look at the barriers that were crossed and see the depth of the relationship between our two sides, it is remarkable. He stressed that India-US relations have not been built only because of concern about China. Campbell said that these are based on important synergies between our societies.

Growing partnership between India and America

Campbell acknowledged that the Indians were ambivalent when President Joe Biden and his administration decided to elevate the Quad to leader level. A White House official said the US is working very constructively with its Indian partners on a major set of initiatives in COVID-19 vaccine delivery, in the maritime domain awareness and education.

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